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Written content is one of the oldest a forms of communication from one person to another no matter the subject. I bridge the gap between you and your audience to cultivate a superlative online presence. Nobody wants to be seen as a number. B2B and B2C content succeeds when creativity meets informative. I amplify the voices of my clients while developing a unique SEO strategy that is embedded through written content. 

I speak up for marginalized communities who go unheard. I erase borders by sharing important stories from all over the world through digital journalism. 

Content should not be stuffed in a rigid box. Together we can create something phenomenal.

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SEM vs SEO: Which is Better?

In the battle of SEM and SEO both techniques work better together than against each other. SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on generating organic web traffic by listing your company’s page higher in Google rankings. This can include content, keyword use, and related external links. SEM (search engine marketing) strategies are paid approaches to generate web traffic through search engines. Using one without the other isn’t ideal, but both strategies can be used individually. For the best results, though, using both strategies as a pair is your best bet.

What Are The Challenges Of Surrogacy?

What Are The Challenges Of Surrogacy?

Trying desperately for a child only to be unable to conceive or carry to full term is devastating. Becoming a surrogate mother or gestational carrier gives their very own child to parents who cannot bring life into the world themselves. Choosing to offer your body and life to a family in need is an incredibly selfless act. Some challenges can come with surrogacy, but in the end, it’s all worth it to see the ecstatic lo

Femicide in Mexico

Women in Mexico have been fighting for rights on the same timeline as many women around the world. Femicide, though, is an increasing problem that Mexico’s own president downplays. The increase in murders based on sex is leading to multiple strikes and protests. Hundreds of women are fighting not only for their right to equal pay but the right to walk outside without fear of being killed simply for being a woman. One NGO has been part of the fight for the last thirty years and their support for women’s rights in Mexico continues to expand with the rise in femicide.

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